Reed handle teapot set - large 2
Loopy cannister
Carved teaset bowl closeup
carved bowl stormy grey
Three wax resist cannisters
carved bowls
Reed handle munchkin carved teapot
Pedestal bowls
Rain clouds collection II
Eggcups (or mustard pots...or whatever you like little pots!)
Trio of vases
Raincloud mugs
Lidded boxes
Bobbly mugs
Tea for Two
Small faceted teabowls
Lidded box - inside
Pair of large cups
Pedestal Bowl 1
Pedestal bowl 1 - inside
Large cups
Small teapot
Inside of a teapot
Lotus Pedestal Bowl
Cream jugs
Lotus Pedestal Bowl - inside
Cream jugs - alternative photo
DSC_0131 (3)_edited
Lidded Jar
Large cups
Three-footed Pots
Stoneware Bowls
Three-footed pot
Little Celadon Cups
Stem vases
Footed bowls
Small mug and smaller mug
Tiny decorated bowls
Tiny decorated bowls